GTIC is an ambitious company programme established in 2017 by the directors of CIE Education. CIE has been promoting close cultural and business relationships between the UK and China for over 20 years through its educational exchange programmes and overseas teaching opportunities.


GTIC's mission is to find the best jobs teaching English in China for UK graduates holding a bachelor's degree. We aim to recruit 1,000 graduates to work in cities across China over the next three years. China is one of the world’s fastest growing economies with a rich culture and fascinating history. Education has long been one of the most important elements of Chinese society and the demand for native English speaking teachers has never been greater.   

We offer diverse opportunities teaching children and adults in a range of vibrant cities across mainland China. Our posts come with excellent salaries and benefits packages and full pre-departure support from our UK based team. Teaching English in China with GTIC is a great way to build confidence and gain a wide range of key transferable skills. It is also a fantastic opportunity to learn Mandarin Chinese and gain international work experience.    

In addition to full-time, one-year contracts we also offer teaching internships and summer camp placements. Our internships enable university students and graduates looking for short-term posts in China to gain valuable work experience and learn Mandarin Chinese. Our summer camp placements are perfect for students and recent graduates looking for summer vacation volunteer placements.

GTIC is jointly endorsed by CIE International Education Group (UK) and the Beijing Global Talent Exchange Association; both of which are supported by the China State Foreign Expert Bureau, with responsibility for foreign experts working in China. 

We look forward to working with you.